Live Recording is available at 6 Strings Studio! Advance booking is required for a Live Recording session! 

Recording rates are at RM100 per hour.

We provide 16-channel Multi track recording service with high-quality equipments! We’ve already set Mics and Lines in the studio, so just let us know when you’re ready. We use microphones such as the Sennheiser e835, Shure SM57 and the main Audio Interface is Behringer X32 powered by MIDAS. The data will be outputted as MP3. We can also output the WAV of each instrument (RM10/Ch) that you can edit on your DAW software if you want.




Ch1 Mic1 Ch9 Keyboard 1
Ch2 Mic2 Ch10 Drums(Overhead L)
Ch3 Mic3 Ch11 Drums(Overhead R)
Ch4 Kick Ch12 Guitar 1 (Fender Amp)
Ch5 Snare Ch13 Guitar 2 (Marshall Amp)
Ch6 Floor Tom Ch14 Bass (Gallien Krueger Amp)
Ch7 High Tom Ch15 Keyboard 2
Ch8 Nil Ch16 Condensor

*The recording includes a simple mixing and mastering to output the MP3. *All customers need to agree that the MP3 might be published as our samples.